Naava (She, her)

Position: Outreach/Information officer

Sandra is a talented individual who has worked in the information science
industry, with an interest in creating and disseminating information. She
brings that creativity to the Team – seeking to find new ways of getting the
Center’s programs and services out to our Community.

“The community needs to know us and feel free to join us. People need to
deal with coming-out issues because they are not yet comfortable with revealing who they are at the moment and other issues like housing. “We need to do something about getting the information out there so people can feel comfortable with us and say who they are,” she says.

As an add-on, Sandra intends to help set up an online Resource to support groups of newcomers and organizations that welcome and support LGBTQ staff in their workplace. She comes with a good education in the industry, holding MSc in the field of information science with wide experience, and travels in Europe, etc.

Naava would also like to extend our organization in the community and
possibly countrywide and believes that with information and sensitization, the community can become more comfortable with the presence of LGBTQ+ people and their lives.

Let me hope that my unique voice and way of doing things can supplement the effort that already exists, she equipped.


Volunteers work for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer rights: Motivations

In  a country like Uganda, volunteering for a  LGBTIQ rights groups is not for the faint heart as one risks their lives and rights to the very authority that’s meant to protect them. The reasons volunteers contribute to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) social justice organizations are multifaceted and need further exploration. Understanding motivations for the reason why one should volunteer and volunteers’ perceptions about the relative advantages and obstacles of current volunteer experiences at their agency are the primary goals why some take the risk. Most volunteers are motivated primarily by their personal values, mission of the organization, and desire to develop and maintain social relationships with the LGBTQ community.  So if you fall in that category please join us.

We are always looking for Volunteers. Our work is highly supported by many well wishers who come from all sorts of educational background and communities. Among them are Medics, educationists and politicians. So please feel free to join us. Identity confidentiality is assured to those who don’t want to go public.

CURRENT VOLUNTEERS (Past team members)

John Cyprian

John Cyprian is a Clinician with a special interest in Infection Control Prevention and HIV/AIDS. A fresh graduate, John has been at hand to help our members in treating the sick and helping in the access of ARVs for those with Aids. He is also involved in creating awareness in the area of HIV/AIDS. He connects members to main hospitals (to physicians sympathetic to the LGBTQ communities). UPDATE: However, John left us to seek safety for his life.

Frank K (He/Him)

Frank is volunteer driver supporting our sport program. He would help us drive our sports team member whenever there was need. UPDATE: However, Frank left us to seek safety for his life.

Monica She/Her

Moni, is one of our long term committed volunteers. Moni’s interests are mainly in the HIV and AIDS field, where she helps in counselling our members and access to medication, especially those in the banking sector. As a professional banker, Moni uses her experience in that field to help our members access financial services, where they would otherwise not be able to. UPDATE: However, Monicah left us to seek safety for his life.