Month: November 2020

Museveni blames Homosexuals for supporting Presidential Candidate Kyagulanyi

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The Ugandan President Yoweri Tebuhaburwa Museveni has blamed the current political unrest in Uganda, on foreign powers and Homosexuals, while addressing a campaign rally today in the north-western town of Moroto. The president indicated that foreign powers that support the popular musician cum turned politician, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, AKA Bobi Wine are responsible for ….  Read More

Gospel Artist, Julie Mutesasira attacked by Ugandan Media and Pastors for Celebrating her marriage:


Wednesday morning saw social media go wild when Pastor Steven Mutesasira’s ex-lover Julie Mutesasira Nalujja’s photos while kissing a fellow female identified as Linet during their wedding surfaced. The photos which were exposed by popular city pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha elicited mixed reactions from a number of her followers causing an uproar. When pastor Mondo ….  Read More

Let’s support those who support us: DR Stella resorts to LGBT people for Money.


Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) flag bearer for Kampala City woman MP Dr Stella Nyanzi appeals to guy people for to fund her parliamentary campaigns. Former Makerere medical anthropologist lecturer popularly known as Nnalongo Owenene wrote a letter to renown guy activists Ellen DeGeneres and Elton John asking for campaign funds. The letter titled ….  Read More

Homophobia In Africa: Anti-Queerness in Africa is Complicated.


Black Agenda Radio with Margaret Kimberley and Glen Ford 03 Nov 2020 Thirty African countries have laws against homosexuality, but debate still rages over whether homophobia is endemic to Africa or a European import. “Leftover colonial laws” against queerness are only partially responsible, said Wunpini Fatimata Mohammed, a professor of journalism and mass communications at the University ….  Read More