Another Attack on the Privacy of LGBTQ+ community.

Red Pepper Feb 24.2020

In yet another homophobic attack to the LGBTQ+ community by the media fraternity, the Red Pepper, news paper published a number of individuals, some from established members of the community, accusing them of being in gays or lesbian relationship. This is a very sorry state of affairs especially to those that were published as they may end up behind bars, given the law here. And secondly, they may be cast away by their families, and worse of all they may loose their lives to the ruthless homophobic public of this country.

It should be remembered that Red Pepper has been at the front of the violation of the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in Uganda, publishing reckless articles, that directly confront the LGBTQ+ community and promoting homophobia towards sexual minorities in the Uganda.

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