We Shall not accept LGBT community in the Church, re-iterates the Out-going Archbishop of the Church Of Uganda.

Extracted from the Daily Monitr Feb 24.2020

The out going Archbishop of Uganda, Stanlet Ntagali, has made it clear once again that the Church of Uganda shall not allow any gay culture and activities within the church. His message comes at a time when the LGBTQ+ community is increasingly being tormented from all corners of society, and the law of the nation.Most major tabloids, carried headlines of the same reporting on the Feb 24.2020.

The outgoing archbishop re-echoed his hate and intolerance for the LGBTI+ community, while bidding farewell to the province of the church of Uganda. he has led for eight years. The archbishop will always be remembered for his strong opposition of the existence of LGBTQ+ in the church and Uganda, saying that its simply not an African and Christian Culture.

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